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Feedback from Tutor Smart Clients



Tina Pham

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

I was accepted to a medical school today! Thank you so much to the tutors for supporting me with writing the primary essays, and thank you so much to Dr. Dan for his mentorship throughout the entire application from helping me put together the primary AMCAS/AACOMAS applications to preparing for the interviews. His advice and support has been immeasurably valuable, and I am eternally grateful for this opportunity to pursue my dream of becoming a physician.

Abe Al-Dalli

After only doing 6 sessions with Tutor Smart Academy, I have been able to dramatically increase my SAT skills and feel a lot more comfortable with many different aspects that the SAT tests you one. The tutors are all very helpful and kind, and make sure to go over whatever you need help with and provide tips and tricks to help you overcome any issues you have with certain topic of the SAT.

MSR Dresh

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

This is a great operation. Very professional and caring. Ms. Tina and Ms. Haley have helped my high school junior immensely during this difficult remote learning period.

They've both made a good connection with my surly teen and have helped him with a variety of subjects. I shopped around in the fall knowing my kid would need some extra support and I'm happy I picked this group. I can recommend them wholeheartedly.

Leah Sandler

Tutor Smart has really helped me improve overall on my SAT math and verbal skills as well as in other subjects. They are always open for constructive criticism and helping me to create a plan for my tutoring so I can truly get the most out my time.


Rod Hashemi

Positive: Quality

I had originally started off with a below average SAT score of around 1000, but after just 4 weeks of prepping and tutoring, my overall score had improved by a full 250 points. The english tutor, Mr. Jackson, was extremely helpful in helping me understand the writing and language portion of the exam and was very professional in my experience. As for the math section(s), I would not have improved as much as I did if it weren't for the main math tutor Mr. Alex. I would definitely recommend this academy to anyone looking to prepare for the SAT/ACT, or even just to boost their GPA in school.

Holly Lane

I have been working with Tutor Smart as a math tutor since the beginning of this school year, and I have been very impressed by the professionalism and quality of this service. Parent's are provided not only with top-notch tutors, but also with a regular and comprehensive review of the student's school performance and grades. This service offers a transparent outlet through which parents can review the work being done with their students and ensure that it corresponds with their child’s academic goals.


Tutor Smart helps me get in a lot of SAT practice and focus on subjects I need help in. The teachers are nice and willing to work with me. I feel like I am improving and learning.


Benjamin Runde

Tutor Smart Academy is great! They helped tremendously with my SAT prep and have an amazing group of tutors!


Lydia Boesel

This tutoring program is by far the best I have ever been to. I have always had trouble in mathematics and sciences, and since starting tutoring here, my grades have gone from Low C's to high A's. Not only do they help me raise my GPA, and strengthen my all around knowledge, but they also have tutors to help with college planning, and SAT tutoring so that I can stay ahead, and plan for my future! SO happy I found Tutor Smart :)


Jason Pham

Positive: Quality

Tutor Smart academy is a great learning place to learn subjects like Science, Math, History, and English. They have good tutors that really know their stuff in each subject. I highly recommend getting tutored over there.


Tracy Ha

Positive: Professionalism, Quality

The tutors can help with all subjects and are flexible with scheduling sessions. They are knowledgeable and help make things easier to understand. I am more confident with my schoolwork and my grades are straight A’s in all classes! I’m prepping for SAT and ACT right now and also am getting help for college admissions/counseling with professor Melissa once every other week. She is so helpful and amazing! Thank you so much!


Andrew Dunlap

The tutors are helpful and really good! Mister Joshua is my English tutor and he helps me with my reading skills and homework. Mister Andrew is a science genius and the way he explains science to me makes a lot of sense. Thank you for helping me!



Lucas De Jong

Positive: Professionalism

I've worked with this tutoring company a lot for my science and math classes throughout junior and senior year and they've helped me improve my grades substantially. The best experience I've had with them was boosting my english and chemistry classes from failing grades to As. They have professional, friendly tutors and substantial material to help with extra practice, along with a wide variety of subjects and topics they can help you with. I'd definetely recommend this to any students of any age, the earlier you start with them the better.


Preeata Hanip

The tutors are Tutor Smart Academy are very nice to all of the students. Whenever I need help with my homework or studying for a test they never hesitate to help out. My grades have certainly approved because of the help I received...


Alice Nguyen

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

Before, I needed help with my grades in AP classes. After working with Tutor Smart Academy, my grades have improved significantly. Now I can understand subjects easier, do better on tests/ quizzes. I also like the friendly environment here.

Paris Tran

As a student, the Tutor Smart Academy has truly helped me so far during online school. Due to the unfortunate events of COVID-19 they have came up with a system to allow kids to have as close to the in school experience as possible. The instructors here have consistently made sure that the students are on task and are up to date on all there schoolwork. They send weekly emails informing the parents and the students on schoolwork, grades, and any other info. So far this place has been truly helpful to me.

Allie M

Loved the people, environment, and overall experience! Would totally recommend to others. It was a great learning experience and a great use of my time over the summer!


Sumedh vadgantam

Great tutoring place. Helped me so much with my SAT scores and my understanding of the SAT.


Reverbed Logic

Tutoring here is quite a gift. I have trouble focusing, and I'm always quite busy with sports, but for a few hours and a couple days a week, I get my homework done, along with tutoring help, and I can get ahead in lessons with my tutor. My grades would not be as good as they are without Tutor Smart's help. High school is coming up and it is stressful, but with Tutor Smart Academy, I am given the skills to reach my full potential in my studies. I also received a scholarship into my high school thanks to the Tutor Smart's help with my HSPT score!


Thomas Dykes

Smart, empathetic, and highly professional tutoring service. My student's calculus grade has gone up by 2 letter grades and is continuing to improve. Tutor is timely, knowldegeable, and gives good feedback.



The tutors are great and can help you with almost any class that you have, and they also give you more 1 on 1 attention compared to other tutor centers. Their study hall is also a great place to get work done when you need some place quiet.

Ashley Baek

The Tutor Smart team truly cares for their students’ success and are passionate about teaching. Because of the flexibility & customizable programs, there’s a solution for every child’s academic needs at the Tutor Smart Academy.

Lucas Na

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

I like how they have everything ready right when I step into the door. They are also very nice and kind. They have helped me feel more confident while i'm working on my assignments and during tests at school which they help me prepare on during the lessons.

Thaoan Nguyen

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value

My cousin took 2 math classes with Mr. Andrew who was amazing at helping her improve her scores from D to A.
Awesome help, strongly recommend!!!


Positive: Professionalism

My grades improved for chemistry, precalculus and SAT! The tutors can help with all my schoolwork and college essays as well.


Tuong Huynh

Best tutoring service with dedicated tutors and top tier owner! Highly recommended for DMV area if you looking for your kids tutors. AAAAAAA🌟


Hima Bathula

I was able to improve 200 points in my SAT Math Score! I also like the flexible scheduling and individualized attention.


Hadley Sibert

All the tutors are very nice and explain concepts very well. Has really improved my understanding of my class.


Scatter Something

Positive: Quality

My SAT improved over 1500! THANK YOU!!! =]

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